Meet Your Photographer

Hi! I'm Paul. I'm the man behind the lens and the creative director to helping you express your best self.  My goal is to get you noticed in our high-speed, fast paced internet society, where judgements happen in split milli-seconds!  I’ve been trained by the best in the business and offer you the best for your business.

I’m part of the Headshot Crew, a global network of 14,000+ photographers striving for this same thing: for your image to stand out amongst the crowd.  We all work together to raise the bar of professionalism in this industry.  Not only will you be getting my knowledge and expertise, but also the wisdom and experience from this Crew!  Hands down, your headshot will be one of the best you’ve ever had!

Photography has been a part of my life since learning how my dad's old 35mm film camera worked.  15 years later, I have a much deeper understanding of what photography is and how it can be used as a creative art form, but also business tool.

If you've spent any time with us outside of photography, you've probably heard us talk about our big dreams.  We are surrounded by a community of entrepreneurs that also love to dream big!  Whether its dreamers or do-ers, we love our friends and love supporting their vision to see dreams become reality.  

What's great about this headshot business is, I get to help you with your dreams!  Getting a professional headshot is just one of the many steps in transforming you from a dreamer to a do-er!  I'm pumped to be a stepping stone in your journey!