It's not everyday...

Welcome to the new look!

You know, it's not everyday that you get to be a photographer and accountant, web developer, designer, curator, marketer...oh wait...if you own your own business, haha, then yes!  You do "get" to do that every day!  But it is truly amazing to do something I love!  

Welcome to the blog!  I'll be posting a whole range of things here from photography, techniques, gear, life stories, behind the scenes, to adventures, personal growth, business, or anything I find interesting or beneficial.  Not only do I want to let you in on my process, but I want to hear from you as well!  I want to know more about YOU and what you're doing!  Whether you're a photographer or a "photograph-ee," you have something valuable to say!  

Glad you've joined me!


colorado wild flower
Paul Hanon